Eng. Madureira Rebelo


Paulo Soares


Ventilnorte on 15th, May 1986


The mourning Ventilnorte

With the death of Ângelo Cardoso, one of the founding partners, the Ventilnorte, still very young, was ahead of another big challenge:

carry on



Ventilnorte was created on May 15, 1986 by three technicians with vast experience in the areas of heating, ventilation and airconditioning.


The expansion of marketing facilities has led  Ventilnorte to the research of new products abroad and the creation of an importing company, the VENTILNORTE II.


Today we are a group of companies with responsibility to national and European level that retains the same root, but expands its plans and is always attentive to technological advances that arise in our areas of intervention.


The group Ventilnorte now has:
Ventilnorte - Ventilation and Electromechanical Techniques, Ltd.
Ventilnorte II - Import & Export Ltd.
Ventilnorte III - Air Treatment Equipment, Ltd.




Commercial North


It was through hard work and with the help of employees, customers and suppliers we are now unquestionably one of the largest companies in trade and import of equipment for ventilation systems, air conditioning and heating.


The experience accumulated over many years in the design and assembly facilities, the technical support we provide to our customers and continuous research of new products and solutions are the secret to our success.


However, the path is not over. We still have a long journey to make and count on your preference.


Start of activity

Share capital 100.000 €
No. of employees 25
Area of warehouse 1200 m²
Administrative area 300 m²


Trade of equipment for ventilation systems, air conditioning and heating.



Travessa da Ponte, 6 – Armazém 2

Apartado 94
4435-403 Rio Tinto
Phone: +351 224 854 130
Fax: +351 224 854 139

GPS: 41.168524, -8.564675







In order to develop the import sector, increase the storage space and improve national distribution, came Ventilnorte II, with great dynamism and innovation.


Start of activity

Share capital 60.000 €
No. of employees 3
Area of warehouse 600 m²
Administrative area 40 m²



Imports and trade of equipment for ventilation systems, air conditioning and heating.


Rua Caminho do Senhor, 305
Zona Industrial de Serzedo
4410-083 Serzedo
Vila Nova de Gaia
Phone: +351 227 539 832 /+351 227 539 216
Fax: +351 227 534 053

GPS: 41.064575, -8.617788


Commercial Center


In order to extend the intervention area to the south, Leiria, due to its strategic location was the place chosen. With a standing stock and a young and dynamic team, providing all the technical and logistical support to its customers.



Start of activity

Share capital 36.000 €
No. of employees 10
Area of warehouse 1000 m²
Administrative area 85 m²


Trade equipment for ventilation systems, air conditioning and heating

Ventilnorte III, lda.
Zona Industrial dos Pousos, lote 5
Armazens 1 e 2. Pousos
2410-494 Leiria
Phone: +351 244 802 666
Fax: +351244 802 669
E-mail: Email:

GPS: 39.733751, -8.755336